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    Executive Search

    With our strong team of HR experts, we bridge the gap in Talent acquisition,
    retention and management for sustenance and growth of any

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    Recruitment Services for Digital Transformation

    Digital capabilities are now pre-requisite and it will be the de-facto for companies growth. We help the industries who are attempting to build digital capabilities across value chain to transform their business to digital business.

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    About Us

    Trans Sattva (We Bridge the Gap) – Digital Skills
    Talent acquisition, retention and management is one of the most critical and valuable functions for sustenance and growth of any organization. Most of the organizations whether its Indian Information technology service providers, new age Digital start ups or mid size service / consulting firms , always look to attract appropriate talent and retain them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Identifying the right talent, putting the right people at the right place at the right time is not easy and needs to be taken care , always
    • Recruitment teams with the firms and external recruitment agencies are not practitioners and cannot understand the need in its true sense
    • Demand for talent in the niche areas and emerging areas is always there and its not possible to attract the right talent
    • Head hunting to bridge the gap between high demand  redundancy due to the same talent is head hunted by all the organizations at the same time

    Information Technology Services

    Digitalization Companies

    Electronics Industries

    Bring to the table win-win human resources strategies to ensure hiring of right candidate at right time at affordable costs. At the end of the day, going forward.


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